Application Support We know you’re busy with life and uni, so we’ve tried to make the process as simple as we can.
Application tips Understand our company and be clear about your reasons for applying to Westpac Group Do your research before you apply and be sure about which program you are applying to - You will have the opportunity to select a first program preference, with the option to select a second program preference. As you move through the stages of the recruitment process, if you are unsuccessful for your first preference, we will consider you for your second. Be honest in your application and be confident to sell yourself! Don’t be discouraged if you think your degree is not relevant to the Graduate program you are applying for – we encourage graduates from all disciplines to consider our programs if they have a strong interest and passion for that business area. Have an appropriate and professional email address and voicemail message and make sure you regularly check your voicemail and emails – including your junk inbox. Take your time and double check your application before you submit and finally… Good luck!
Application process There are 5 key steps on the application journey
Step 1: Your application Your application will take 10 minutes to complete and submit online
Complete all required fields and ensure you attach your resume and academic transcript (Unofficial transcripts are fine also) Your resume represents your qualifications, experience and interests - make sure you cover off: Your personal details including your full name, location and contact details Your career objective covering a short explanation about your career goals Your education including qualifications, institution, dates of study, majors and academic average Your previous work experience, which can be industry or non-industry related You will also need to provide your academic average – i.e. GPA, WAM Extracurricular activities: We want to know about you; whether its sporting, volunteering, social, community or university engagement Your skills: these could be technical skills you have gained, foreign languages, or design skills for example
Step 2: Online Assessments Online testing helps us to determine your alignment to our values and suitability for the role. You will face 3 tests as below:
Culture fit – this assessment measures the degree to which a candidate aligns with Westpac's aspirational culture and whether they will be a good cultural fit for the organisation Cognitive ability testing – assesses problem solving and reasoning ability Games based testing – assesses traits and abilities that have links to job performance through a fun game! Don’t worry, the assessments may sound scary but it’s not pass or fail, we are looking for the candidates that best fit within our organisation and the program you are applying to.
Step 3: Video Interview This is really your chance to shine, allow us to get to know you better and show off your personality!
We appreciate video interviews are quite daunting and something you may have never done before so here’s a few tips! If you have never completed a video interview, it may be a good idea to get a feel for the process by recording yourself answer interview questions and then watching the replay to gauge your confidence, body language and ability to succinctly answer the question being asked. Check your background, lighting and camera angle. You will also have some time to read the question and get prepared before hitting record. Don’t panic! You'll get a practice run to test your mic and camera. Treat it as a formal interview so prepare, research and appear professional. Be conscious of posture and body language. Video interviews are not live but be prepared and remember that you cannot pause, stop or restart the interview.
Step 4: Attend your assessment centre At the half-day assessment centre you will have the chance to meet our business leaders and put your best foot forward
Successful applications will be welcomed to a half day assessment centre involving; One-on-one interview A business related case study A group activity You will have an opportunity to meet with our business and Graduates, use this as an opportunity to ask questions and find out if this is the right fit for you – it’s time to grill us too! Research is important, think strongly about why you have applied and what you can bring to the role It helps to show us your personality, so try and relax and enjoy the day. Rest assured the assessors on the day only want to see you shine!
Step 5: Job Offer This is the exciting part!
After the Assessment Centre, you will receive a call from us to share with you the great news. If you decide (like us!) that your future is with Westpac Group, then we will require you to accept the offer within seven days. If you are still in the recruitment process or have received an offer with another organisation, that’s ok with us but please be transparent and we will try to accommodate your situation. If you're unsure about your offer, please give one of our team a call and we are more than happy to discuss this with you, providing further information if needed. If you accept, you will also be required to complete a background check and provide the details of two referees we can contact.
FAQs Our most commonly asked questions by our grads, past and present
Do I need to be an Australian resident to apply for a Westpac Group Graduate Opportunity?
To be eligible for our programs, you must be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or a Permanent Resident at the time of application.
I have already graduated – can I still apply?
You can apply for the Graduate Program when you're in the final year of your degree or if you have completed an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree within two years from your graduation date at the time of application.
I'm currently working at the Westpac Group, but not on the Graduate Program. Is the application process for me different? What do I need to do to apply?
The process remains the same, all applicants need to apply online and all applicants will go through the same recruitment process. However please apply through your internal profile so that we can recognise your internal status.
Can I apply for more than one program?
You can only submit one application; however you will be able to submit a first and second preference for the graduate programs you are interested in.
When do the Graduate Programs start?
The Westpac Group grad program will commence early February 2019.
Where are the graduate positions located?
Most of our graduate positions are located in Sydney, however select programs have graduate positions available interstate and we have opportunities in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA.
How do I know if the degree I have completed is suitable for the program I am applying to?
Some people think that being a bank that we only recruit candidates with Commerce/Finance degrees; however we encourage graduates from all disciplines to consider our programs if they have a strong interest and passion for that business area. Please keep in mind, it’s not all about your degree, we're looking to find well-rounded graduates whose values align to those of Westpac Group, are involved in the community, participate in extra-curricular activities and have some work experience.
Will late applications be accepted?
Applications cannot be accepted after the closing date listed for your preferred programs so it is best to get your application in early!
Can I send a hard copy of my resume or email my resume directly to you instead of applying online?
No. All applications must be submitted online.
How does the selection process work?
In order to set you up for success, we've prepared an Application toolkit to guide you through the selection process and give you tips and hints on everything from preparing your resume to interviewing techniques. Check it out!
How can I check the status of my application?
You can see where you are up to in the application process at any time. To keep track of the progress of your application click here and go to ‘My Submissions’ and select ‘Submission Status’. All our correspondence is by phone and email so please ensure your contact details are up to date and you’re checking your junk inbox. If your details change, you can log into your online application and update your contact information.
What do I do if I have a technical problem with my application form?
If you have any technical difficulties with our online application form, email us at for assistance. We will respond to your email within regular business hours (9am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday).
Does Westpac Group provide financial assistance when travelling to an interview?
Unfortunately we do not provide assistance to attend assessment centres unless there are exceptional circumstances.
Does Westpac Group assist successful graduates with relocation?
Yes, if you are offered a role that needs you to move to another city, we will help co-ordinate your move and assist you financially. We have a relocation policy that will help successful graduates who need to relocate.
Will the graduate salary be competitive?
Each year, we review graduate salaries against the marketplace to ensure that graduates are paid a competitive salary. We also offer a range of financial and lifestyle benefits and an employee share plan so you can invest in your own future. We also offer discounts on: Personal loan and credit card interest rates Mobile phone packages Computer equipment Home loans and interest rates Investment loan interest rates Health insurance memberships And, if you need it, we also have child care services
Is the graduate recruitment process the only way to gain employment with Westpac Group?
No. We advertise positions on LinkedIn. Check out the Westpac Group LinkedIn page and ‘Follow-us’ to keep up to date with advertised positions.
What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
Join the conversation on LinkedIn to stay updated and in the loop on developments & announcements from our team. By joining our LinkedIn Group you'll hear from current and past graduates, updates on the selection process and get insights into what it's really like to work with us at Westpac Group. Or email us at
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