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helping to guide
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Rotation structure:
12 months; 3 x 4 month rotations

Feeling Confident?

Westpac Group Compliance is where we drive a confident business. Our Vision is one of empowering the Westpac Group to do the right thing – by its customers, employees, communities and shareholders. We do this by providing high quality compliance advice, including strategic regulatory insight and a focus on emerging issues, as well as by implementing compliance management systems and providing assurance that is relied upon by our boards and regulators.

Compliance is one of the most dynamic professional disciplines in the business world, and one of the few where market projections suggest continued growth – so it’s an exciting time to get on board.

Why join us?

The Westpac Compliance, Legal & Secretariat team has a demonstrated track record of winning industry awards for its innovation, professionalism, and focus on sustainability - and we intend to keep competing.

As a function, we also have a strong record of retaining graduates over the long term, through offering diverse experiences and true career-developing opportunities – some of our grads have been at Westpac for decades!

We are a committed, hard-working team focused on high performance, support for one another, and investing in our ongoing personal and professional development.

We will closely link our Compliance grad program to those of the broader Westpac Group, to fully extract the benefit of those programs and to ensure that our graduates have a strong organisational peer network.

Now that is leverage.

Your graduate journey

You’ll be exposed to a wide range of Westpac Group products and services; and to the ways in which their delivery to our customers is supported, by experiencing rotations in at least three of our major Compliance teams, of up to four months each.

You’ll be immersed in the world of Westpac Group Compliance from day 1, gaining insights into the fascinating challenges presented by an environment that is evolving at an unprecedented rate, but supported by highly experienced leaders specifically selected to support, guide and mentor our graduates.

There’s enough time in each rotation to build business knowledge and relationships, and to begin to apply the Compliance disciplines that are relevant, without needing to commit to embarking down a particular career path too soon. We have a very strong focus on continuous training, learning and development.

Finally, you’ll be supported across all dimensions of your Westpac experience by your people leader, your team, and a dedicated buddy. From the outset, you’ll be made to feel an integral part of your specific team, our Compliance, Legal & Secretariat function and the Westpac Group. And we’ll help you take full advantage of the numerous benefits that such membership offers.

See your career take shape

Whether your interests lie in developing deep technical expertise, or in learning the leadership and people skills that could equip you to become an executive of the future (or both), our program represents the starting point for building the foundations of a career of limitless possibility

These days, Compliance professionals are seen as facilitators, helping their business colleagues to beat the competition in the delivery of innovative products and services by applying their expertise, independence and integrity.

Your time as a Compliance professional in the Westpac Group will enhance your skills as a communicator, an influencer, a manager of change, and as a trusted advisor. There are numerous roles in which you can apply these skills;

    • Compliance Consultant
    • Compliance Analyst or Policy Manger
    • Head of Framework, Culture & Governance
    • And who knows - Head of Compliance for an entire Westpac Business Division.