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I knew that change
in the banking industry
was imminent, and
I wanted to be a part
of that change

Joelle, 2016 Graduate



Rotation structure:
12 months; 3 x 4 month rotations

Transformers Wanted.

Did you know that on average, Australians check their smartphone more than 100 times a day? As customers become increasingly mobile savvy, Westpac is constantly innovating to deliver banking solutions to our customers in the moments that matter to them. 
Our team will take you to the forefront of new and emerging technology, giving you crucial experience in one of the fastest growing segments of the banking industry. Working across Online, Mobile and Tablet platforms for all brands, this is your opportunity to help shape the future of banking. Graduates from all disciplines are welcome to apply for the Digital Program, but of course, you will need to have a strong interest in innovations driven by changing customer demand.

Why join us?

Innovation leads transformation. Bring your innovative thinking to a team that is excited by finding creative solutions and putting them into action. Develop your knowledge of the digital banking landscape and how new technologies are changing the finance sector.  Get exposure to areas like Customer Experience & Design, strategy & planning, , fraud prevention and business intelligence just to name a few.

Becoming a part of what’s next is reason enough to join our Digital graduate program. Westpac’s innovations have changed banking as we know it.

  • Westpac Banking Group was the first bank in Australia to put banking on your wrist when Apple Watch arrived on Australian shores. 
  • We harnessed biometric technologies and were the first bank in the world to offer fingerprint log in for Android devices  to help our customers to truly bank on the go.
  • Our app leads the pack. Westpac is proud to have the highest score in the 2016 Global Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark.

Your graduate journey

You’ll have the opportunity to rotate through different teams to build your experience and grow your network. In the past, graduates have worked on projects such as:

  • Understanding trends in customer behaviour and extracting insights to help make better decisions
  • Assisting in the development and delivery of our future digital strategy.
  • Increasing sales of digital solutions for consumers and businesses.
  • Designing simple and helpful digital customer experiences.
  • Protecting our customers from digital fraud and identity theft.
  • Engaging in conversation with our customers through social.

See your career take shape

Some examples of roles former graduates are now performing in our business are team member and support lead roles specialising in:

  • Digital Strategy Development & Planning
  • Digital Customer Experience Design
  • Digital Fraud Prevention
  • Digital Operations and Service Quality
  • Digital Business Intelligence
  • Mobility and emerging technologies

Meet Joelle, 2016 Graduate


Why did you choose a graduate program at Westpac Group?

Picking an organisation with the right “cultural fit” was very important to me. I wanted to work for a company that I knew I could really be myself in and aligned with my own personal values - and from what I experienced through the recruitment process, Westpac embodied just that.

What attracted you to this Program?

I knew that change in the banking industry imminent– particularly in the digital space, and I wanted to be a part of that change. Given the size and scale of the business I knew that it would be huge challenge and I thought it would be an exciting thing to be a part of.

Why would you recommend this graduate program?

Westpac really invests in their people, and coming through the program you’re able to explore different opportunities, early on in your career. You’re not pigeon holed into a role just because it’s what you’re good at, or where you’ve had previous experience. You’re given the opportunity to develop and explore other areas of the business. I’ve met many people who have worked for Westpac for 20 years but say they’ve had 10 different careers!

How have you developed across your graduate year?

I didn’t know what to expect when I started. I was nervous that people wouldn’t value my opinion and that the team would just see me as ‘the grad’. However, over time, as I got to know more people and understand their roles, I started to become a little more confident. I started to build credibility amongst my team, and I instantly became more confident in myself and my ability to give advice.

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