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The diversity of roles
in Technology means my
career has no boundaries.”

Anneke, 2016 Graduate
Group Technology


Sydney & Perth

Rotation structure:
Flexible 12 – 24 month rotations; 6 month rotations

Become a game-changer

Technology is changing the customer banking experience more rapidly than ever before. Are you the type of person who wants to keep up and keep innovating? Our 10,000-strong team is the bedrock of the Westpac Group, enabling us to continue delighting customers through our innovative thinking and creative solutions. .

Technology is driving Westpac’s vision to become the world’s best service company. That’s why Westpac Group Technology needs great talent. We’re looking for individuals who live and breathe this stuff. Who think outside the box. Who aren't afraid to keep asking ‘what if?’. Who are passionate about their ideas and inspire those around them.
There is an ever increasing demand for a greater range of skills, backgrounds and experiences in the changing world of technology so; we too are looking for talent with a variety of degree backgrounds, experiences, perspective and with genuine interest in technology and an interest in pursuing a career within this space, to match that change.

We believe in building career pathways for our graduates to help them become Game-Changing Technologists.

Why join us?

As one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of our business, we represent the way forward for Westpac Group and how people experience our brand. The innovation, drive and talent of our team will develop the tools necessary to help our customers manage and plan their financial security as well as support the business teams across the Westpac Group.

From developing our mobile apps to monitoring cyber-security threats, experiencing the full life-cycle of projects, uncovering business solutions, deploying new code or working on programs that underpin the bank’s strategy, the Group Technology Graduate program has it all! For starters, you can choose to kick off your focus in one of two areas; technical, or non-technical with an analyst/portfolio focus.
When you join the Group Technology Graduate program, you are in charge of your career. Choose rotations which interest you, decide when you’re ready to roll-off, build your networks with our well-respected leaders and mentors or take up a unique opportunity to spend 6-months in a different part of the bank or on our international rotation in Singapore. The program really is what you make of it!

Your graduate journey

Group Technology now has two graduate programs to choose from –‘Technical’ and ‘Analyst’ - allowing you to focus your development in a chosen field of interest, complimented with the large support network and, of course the social stuff!

If you want to…

  • Build and design software, applications, platforms and networks
  • Explain complex ideas to technical colleagues, but also make sure these ideas can be understood by a non-technical audience
  • Use your thinking to come up with original ideas to contribute to your team’s projects
  • Utilise your working knowledge, and learn more about information security, technology stacks and software engineering principles

…then you should apply for the Group Technology Technical Program.

If you want to…

  • Apply processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve project objectives
  • Plan, convert and deliver technical problems into real-life business solutions
  • Analyse business processes and systems – and come up with better ideas to integrate or align them
  • Communicate simply, clearly and persuasively the benefits of any new system or process

…then you should apply for the Group Technology Analyst Program.

See your career take shape

You’ll help us sharpen our focus across a number of areas; cloud, security, architecture, service management, analytics, social, mobile and digital. And while we expect you to work hard – we’ll make sure you have the time for all the fun social stuff we’re known for too! Ultimately you’ll probably find yourself working in one of the following areas:

  • Strategy & Architecture
  • Applications Development
  • Infrastructure & Operations
  • Business Integration
  • Core Transformation
  • Strategic Sourcing

Meet Anneke, 2016 Graduate

Group Technology

Why would you recommend this graduate program?
I was excited to see how the analytical skills I developed through university would be utilised through a Technology graduate role – it was refreshing to see an organisation welcome grads from non-typical degree backgrounds.

The Group Technology Grad Program has a number of positives. For me, the main benefits have been doing 6-monthly rotations, which allow you to become a valuable member of the team and gain responsibility that you might not get in a shorter rotation. The ability to choose your rotations in the areas that interest you is also a bonus.

What rotations have you experienced?
I’ve worked in three different areas of Technology so far. Firstly, as a Business Analyst, I supported an initiative focused on replacing our risk/incident management system. My second rotation provided experience in assisting an industry-wide program to implement real time inter-bank transfers. In my current rotation, I’m helping to project manage key projects in the Specialist Finance Technology space.

Why do you love coming into work each day?
I like the diversity that the roles on the graduate program offer. In my current role I do something different every day and there are plenty of opportunities to learn new things. The rotational aspect means that by the time you finish the program you have a really well-rounded view of Group Technology.

Secondly, I love working working at Westpac Group because of its great culture. Everyone is so easy to get along with and it is clear that most of my team share the same values. It makes it easy to collaborate and work together.

How have you developed across your graduate years?
Since I studied a science degree, I didn’t start with a large amount of knowledge in the technology space. I’ve learned a lot through the three projects I’ve worked on - different methodologies, Westpac Group systems and processes. I’ve also been lucky to complete both agile and project management training.

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